You may not know, but Vietnamese in America today have many more favorable conditions than our grandparents to maintain the Vietnamese lifestyle and culture. In the past, our grandparents came to America with empty hands and started their new life in “Western” culture. They missed rice, fish sauce, Tet and home. Today, we are packed with Vietnamese favorites on our journey to the US. In addition, we are able to find everything about Vietnam in the US, especially the states with a large Vietnamese communities. It is now easier for Vietnamese in America to maintain Vietnamese lifestyle and culture.

Tet flower festival of Vietnamese in America

I spent four Tets in the US. Every time, my Tet days are working days in office as they felt into weekdays. Fortunately, this Tet felt into weekend  and I was able to join the Tet flower festival in Little Saigon. It recalled the atmosphere of Tet at home country, the smell of firecrackers, the spirit of “wishes for wealth” and the rice cakes Banh Tet, Banh Chung and above all is my homeland. Only when living abroad you love the feeling of Tet at that you had in home country.

Enjoy my video of Tet flower festival in Little Saigon. If you want to learn more about lifestyle of Vietnamese in America, take a trip to the US and stay at TENT OF SUN HOMESTAY, you will feel it.


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